Master Series Erection Enhancer Anal Tower



Taking the classic cock ring many steps further,
this big, filling one-piece ring and anal intruder combo fits securely
over the base of the penis and around the testicles, keeping the unit in
question contained, firm and supported. ‘Erection Enhancer’ may actually be a bit of an understated title for this
deviously pleasurable, incredibly intense male treat from the
fetish-geared Master Series

Along with the
benefits, the Tower provides intense anal attention thanks to a big, beaded, prostate-loving probe that effortlessly reaches the male
g-spot. Once the rings are in place, the shaft rests against this key
male internal erogenous zone, while stimulating the perineum externally
thanks to a softly up-curled nub at theĀ  base. The intruder will
inexorably massage internally with
movement while provide subtle yet relentless pressure externally.

Made of a
soft, safe thermoplastic rubber material, this device is nice and flexible,
conforming to the contours of the wearer’s body. It warms quickly to
match body temperature for a natural feel, and can be enjoyed with
either a water or silicone based lube. Fits most.

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