Master Series Expansion Anal Dilator Set



Opening you or a partner up (yes, literally!) to some seriously satisfying anal adventures, the Master Series Expansion Anal Dilator Set will have you/them hurtling toward orgasm in no time flat. Containing five identically shaped, solid elastomer Dilators in small to very large sizes, you’ll be able to gradually work your way up to being able to handle a lot more in your butt, or just become more comfortable with a specific size. 

Each Dilator is tapered up top for comfy penetration, then widens out immediately into a graduated bulb. Lots of length below can be slipped in further when/if you’re comfortable with more. A nice wide circular base finishes off a sleek neck, which helps prevent any too-deep slips.

In super-smooth, body safe TPE, the included Dilators are extra durable, very easy to clean, and a breeze to maintain. Before and after use, wash well using lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water based lube.

* Features measurements represent the smallest 3.4″ Dilator. The remaining measure: 3.75″/10.7cm long and 1.2″/3.08cm at widest, 4.2″/10.7cm long and 1.5″/3cm at widest, 4.6″/11.7cm long and and 1.73″/4.4cm at widest and 5″/12.7cm long and 2″/5.08cm at widest

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