Master Series Kink in the Dark Glowing Hogtie Set



Always up for playing long and hard, the Master Series Kink in the Dark Glowing Hog-Tie Set offers all you dominant-minded partners a sexy and seriously effective way to keep a (consensual!) sub right where you want them. Oh, and yes, it glows in the dark!

Containing four vegan leather cuffs (two for wrists and two for ankles) plus matching criss-cross connectors, the Hogtie can be used to hold their legs and arms behind or in front, whichever position suits the scenario! You can use the cuffs on their own, too, as the universal design is compatible most bondage gear.

Perfect for any level of bondage indulgence, the four soft included velcro cuffs don’t require any previous experience, they’re incredibly simple to use and adjust to fit almost everyone thanks to friction free swiveling clamps. Whether you’re in the mood to truss up your playmate’s wrists and/or ankles, the Kink in the Dark Glowing Hog-Tie Set will definitely do the trick, holding tight without chafing. 

*Wrist cuffs adjust from 5.5- 9.5″/14-24.1cm of wrist circumference. Ankle cuffs adjust from 7.25-12″/18.4-30.5cm in ankle circumference. The hog tie is 5 x 5″/12.7 x 12.7cm

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