Master Series Levitate Suspension Bar



Suspension – the final frontier! These are the voyages of the Levitate Suspension Bar. Its continuing mission: to explore sexy new worlds; to seek out new sex positions and new pleasurable possibilities; to boldly go where no one has gone before – unless they’ve met the Master Series!

Taking playtime to new heights (literally), the¬†Master Series Levitate Suspension Bar helps you or your partner get into all sorts of weightless positions, and lets you confine each other in new, very exciting ways.¬† If you’ve got a solid ceiling anchor point, you’re all set! Simply hang the sturdy steel bar, grab a favorite pair of cuffs or other restraints and get ready to play – your way.

Once it’s set up, you’ll have tons of adventurous possibilities to explore. Use the bar to hold their arms up and apart, or support your body on a table or bench and have them cuff up your ankles. There are two cuff attachment points one at either end of the bar. The Levitate Suspension Bar supports up to 350lbs/159kg of combined weight. Pictured cuffs and handles sold separately.

* Bar measures 36″/91.4cm long and 1.25″/3.2cm wide. Chain lengths measure 20″/50.8cm per side. Handles and cuffs sold separately.

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