Master Series Ornata Steel Ball Head Ring



Firm, lightweight and completely customizable in terms of position, the unique Ornata Head Ring was designed to enhance all aspects of male pleasure in a vast range of sexual situations. Fitting snugly around the head of the penis, the Ornata places a smooth, fully rotating sphere against the underside of the head, creating gentle, stimulating pressure throughout playtime.

Classically smooth contouring renders the Ornata
immeasurably pleasurable, and thanks to
the temperature sensitivity of steel, can be warmed or cooled
before play. Steel is amazingly hygienic, able to be easily
sterilized via boiling or bleaching, it’s also immensely hardy and can
stand up to a whole lot of enthusiastic handling. Any type of lubricant
can used with the Ornata. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this
tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

Ornata is 3.2mm thick, with an inner diameter of 25mm.

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