Master Series Scarlet Pet Collar with O-Ring



Whether you’re wearing it as a badge of (consensual, of course!) ownership, or a timeless fashion accessory, you really can’t go wrong with the little black and red choker! 

The sexy Master Series Scarlet Pet Collar with O-Ring is subtle and ever-stylish, easily passing for a statement necklace. A little silver O-ring is the only clue to its true identity – the ring can be connected to a leash, if you and your partner are in the mood. That said, the Pet Collar isn’t meant for extreme play – it’s a great looking tease, though!

*The Master Series Scarlet Pet Choker is about 18.25″/46.4cm in total length and adjusts from 12″/30.5cm to 15.5″/39.4cm in circumference. Fits most.

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