Mini Flogger



Stroke after exhilarating stroke, the flogger was brought down upon raw, hot flesh. At times there was almost a musical rhythm to the frenzy, but it seemed every time the captive had figured out the pattern, the cadence was changed; sometimes very slightly, other times, maddeningly so. Nevertheless, regardless of the unrelenting sting of the whip, wanting to please just as desirous to push boundaries, the captive dug down deeply and persevered.

A manageable, certainly steamy S & M staple from Sex & Mischief, the Mini Flogger is a playful yet definitely effective whip that’s just the
thing for some naughty fantasy fulfillment. A full 13 inches of
tantalizing faux leather strips are soft enough to feel tickly and
teasing against the skin, but will also pack some more serious,
undeniably exciting sting if wielded just right, making this Flogger a
great choice for any level of bondage enthusiast. The sturdy, stylized
handle ensures a good grip and perfect control, bringing the total
length of the Flogger to 17 1/2 inches (44cm).

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