Mood Naughty Plug Medium



A smooth silicone plug classically shaped for comfortable penetration, this user friendly piece from the Naughty
line is a completely unisex pleasure tool boasting a host of must-have

Tiny at the tip, the Medium gently widens and
stretches the anal opening to admit a supple silicone taper. The shaft
grows gradually wider toward the base, continuing that stimulating
stretch. The Naughty Medium’s wide base makes for
worry-free penetration, plus, the up-curled shape adds
pleasurable pressure to the perineum when positioned properly.

high end hypoallergenic silicone, this Naughty piece is non-irritating
and ideal for even very sensitive skin. The nonporous surface can be be
thoroughly disinfected and sterilized with a run through the dishwasher
(top rack, low heat) or a dip in boiling water. Warm soapy water works
well for everyday clean-up. Use lots of a good water based
lube with the Naughty Medium, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should
with other silicone toys and products.

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