Neoprene Cuffs



A supple, versatile, waterproof set of cuffs ready to thrill bondage beginners, enthusiasts
and bdsm dabblers, the Neoprene Cuffs from kinklab were made with lots of pleasurable
situations in mind.

Made from a soft, stretchy material that cushions skin while still holding tight- simple
Velcro closures let you attach, adjust and remove the Cuffs in a snap,
and there’s lots of room available to adjust the sizing, making these
must-have lovers tool suitable for anyone. Thanks to incredibly sturdy industrial strength hardware, these cuffs are pretty much impenetrable and make escape deliciously impossible. Unique crab-claw hooks attach to themselves, furniture or compatible bondage accessories, and rotate fully for lots of position possibilities.

*Fit wrists or ankles up to 10 inches (25.4cm) around.

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