Niacin and Bilboa Penis Stimulating Gel 1oz.



Containing a very special blend of niacin, bilboa, goji fruit extract and witch hazel, Mojo’s Get It On Penis Stimulating Gel was specially formulated to intensify penile sensitivity, making sex, stroking and foreplay with a partner even more orgasmic. Um, yes please!

Naturally awakening nerve endings and maximizing sensation, Intense works quickly, requiring just a dab massaged into the head of your/their penis before getting busy. Wait about 5 minutes for the full effect to hit, and play away! Please note that Niacin and Bilboa Penis Stimulating Gel is not intended to be used as a lubricant, so you may need to supplement with a favorite water or silicone based formula, especially if anal play is in the cards.

Mojo Get It On Niacin and Bilboa Penis Stimulating Gel is 100% vegan, paraben, glycerin and menthol free. Safe for use with latex condoms.

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