ON Ultra-Stimulating Insane Lube 4.23oz



Here’s some lube truth for you: a great lubricant can make almost any sexual situation better. More slipperiness  and less friction are never a bad thing! ON Insane Lube, however, doubles (or triples, maybe) down on pleasure thanks to some very stimulating ingredients that tingle, pulse and swirl in, over and around sweet spots.

Once applied inside or out, Ultra-Stimulating Insane not only delivers lots of smooth glide, but also a warm, pulsating sensation that mimics movement or massage. It’s hard to explain with any word other than ‘wow!’ You can use it just like any other water-based lube, with toys or with a partner, just be prepared for some seriously unique pleasure.

ON Insane Lube is gluten free, paraben free and glycerine free, and is 100% vegan. Contains ginger.

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