Organics Tranquility Massage Oil 4.2oz



Created to perfectly enhance the already incredibly pleasurable act of loving massage, the naturally sourced, botanically
infused, skin loving Sliquid
Organics line presents Escape, a clean, unscented massage oil from the Balance collection.


light, velvety relaxation aid is absolutely packed with natural nut and
seed oil
blends along with certified organic fruit and plant extracts, doing away
with chemical-based ingredients entirely. Sweet almond oil,
grape seed and macadamia nut oils, mango and shea butters, flax green
tea, hibiscus and aloe are a few of the body pampering, skin loving
ingredients that are packed into Escape, providing a blissfully
friction-free, ultra nourishing glide to hands-on play.

Like all Sliquid
products, this massage oil is free of potentially irritating additives,
there’s no DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol or parabens, it’s packed instead
with healthy, hypoallergenic, intensely effective ingredients that massage mates adore lavishing on each others bodies.
100% vegan friendly, and NO animal testing. Made in the USA.

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