Ouch! Halo Handcuffs With Connector



When you’re in the mood to exert some (always consensual!) playful control over your partner, there’s nothing better than a great set of cuffs. Any good pair will usually do the trick when you’re playing with tethers, bed bondage, hogties and such, but in some situations, you might be looking for something a little different. The Ouch! collection’s one-piece Halo Handcuffs With Connector is definitely different, and it’s also ready to reinvent some classic trussed-up scenarios.

Just like you’d expect from a fantastic cuff set, you’ll be able to buckle Halo’s supple faux leather bands over and around your partner’s wrists (or vice versa), but you’ll also be able to use the connector strap to  encourage specific movements (hands over head or behind back), and/or secure the connector to other bondage gear. There’s a big, glossy gold-tone O ring in the middle of the connector, as well as smaller rings on the cuffs themselves. Options abound!

In burgundy faux leather (PU) and metal, the Ouch! Halo Handcuffs With Connector are easy to spot clean as needed.

* The set is approximately 39″/99cm in total, and each cuff adjusts up to 4″/10.16cm

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