Ouch! Medium Weight Stainless Steel Ben-Wa Balls



A silvery stainless steel set of weighted balls tools boasting a super
smooth body safe surface, Ouch!’s Medium Weight Ben-Wa Balls were
designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles while
inspiring unique inner pleasure.

Ergonomically weighted to tone
vaginal muscles, the Ben-Wa Balls encourage inner walls to flex
and release once inserted. Aside from improving bladder control and
tightening post-baby bodies, the Balls naturally arouse as they rock
agasint sensitive areas of the vaginal canal. Insert a few hours before
erotic play to help increase sexual awareness and build excitement.

a non-tarnishing nickel free stainless steel, the Ben-Wa Balls
clean best with a good toy care fluid/foam and a clean cloth. Wash well
before and after each use.

* The Medium Weight Kegel Balls weigh 1.5 oz (44g) combined and are .9 inches (2.2cm)  in diameter.

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