Ouch! Round Tip Steel Urethral Dilator .39 Inch



Ever been curious about sounding? We’ll tell you all about the Ouch! Round Tip Steel Urethral Dilator, which is a tool you can use to explore urethral sounding (otherwise known as catheter play, penis penetration or urethral dilation), but first, a quick PSA. Some folks find urethral sounding extremely enjoyable, but it’s not something anyone should go into without plenty of research, time, patience and high quality tools. To sum up, please do lots of reading up before putting anything into your urethra! As for those high quality tools we mentioned, we’ve got you covered there. 

In body safe stainless steel, the ultra smooth, solid steel Dilator is extremely firm and subtly weighty. It’s nice and long, offering plenty of penetration depth possibilities, and the uniform thickness ensures a steady, reliable stretch with no surprises. A gently angled curve at the tip mimics the path of the urethra, and a flattened base makes for easy control.

Always follow a meticulous cleansing routine before and after using any urethral penetration device. The Round Tip Steel Urethral Dilator’s stainless steel construction is ultra hygienic and extremely easy to clean. You can (and should) boil it or bleach it for maximum cleanliness.  Always use the highest quality lube with any tool that’ll be entering our or your partner’s urethra – the best option is a sterile surgical or medical grade water based formula.

* The Dilator is 10.2″/260mm long and .39″/10mm at the tip.

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