Pain Locking Restraint Cuffs



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We’re going to go ahead and assume that your cuff collection is pretty exciting already. But if you’ve been craving just a little more bad-assery when it comes to wrist restraints, never fear! Shots Pain collection presents a super-sexy lockable pair that’ll have you or your playmate sexily captivated (and captured!) in no time flat.

In midnight black, the Pain Locking Restraint Cuffs will circle your/their wrists oh-so-securely, holding arms immobile and at a partner’s (consensual!) mercy. Thicker than average and super-supple, they can be locked into position via 2 included padlocks and a total of 4 keys. Great for longer-term wear, the Cuffs feature breathable venting for ultimate comfort. A durable D ring on each can be connected with just about any bondage gear you already own and love.

In leather and metal, the Pain Cuffs can be spot cleaned as needed. 

* The Pain Cuffs fit up to approximately 3″ (7.6cm) of wrist diameter.

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