Pain Metal Chain Flogger



There are two responses you might have to the appearance of this hard(er) core chain whip. The first: NO WAY! The second: Heck yes! If you’re in the second category, you’ll most likely love the serious, no-nonsense look and all the stinging sensation the Metal Chain Flogger from Shots Pain can offer. If you’re in the ‘no way!’ school of thought, take a closer look.

Although it definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain, this play tool can also feel light as a feather- it all depends on the person wielding it! The chains flex and swish, they’ll tickle and tease with a soft stroke and flick and bite with a harder one. In either case, control is easy, the Chain Flogger fits comfortably and very securely in hand thanks to a firm black handle and braided wrist strap.

In genuine leather and aluminum, theĀ Pain Metal Chain Flogger should be spot cleaned as needed. Please use a good leather care product on the handle to keep it in tip top shape.

* The Pain Metal Chain FloggerĀ measures approximately 23″ (58.4cm) excluding the wrist strap and weighs about 11oz/.31kg

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