Perfect 2″ Fanta Flesh Extension



Strategically created to look and feel as natural as possible while
adding inches of length and thickness, the Fantasy X-Tensions collection
presents a simple and safe way to both enhance the look and feel of your or your mate’s  penis. Meanwhile, it assists with stamina, can provide a sexy solution to erectile
difficulties, and contributes to an overall more pleasurable sexual
experience. Yeah – it’s not called ‘perfect’ for nothing!

In soft, supple Fanta Flesh, the Perfect 2 inch fits
snugly and comfortably over you/their penis, stretching to cover the tip and
shaft. A full two inches extends natural length courtesy of a
firmer tip that conforms to the penis inside, while the plush and
squeezable material adds lots (33%) more realistically textured thickness. Trim
the base of the sleeve if needed (remove from your penis first!)

signature Fanta Flesh is one of the most lifelike materials available, a
proprietary blend of soft, temperature receptive elastomer provides a
sensation that’s incredibly realistic. The Extension cleans easily with
warm soapy water- let it dry thoroughly before storage, and always enjoy
a good water based lubricant in combination, when needed.

* The Perfect 2″ Fanta Flesh Extension is 8″/20.3cm in total length. It’s 1.75″/4.4cm wide and 1″/2.5cm in inner diameter

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