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Purposefully petite, ultra sleek and amazingly supple, Tantus’ beyond-manageable Perfect Plug was thoughtfully designed for the smoothest, most comfortable introduction to anal play imaginable. Sized specifically to suit beginner back-door endeavors, the tiny shape won’t overwhelm newly stretched openings, and the wide-reaching base ensures complete comfort, fitting naturally between the cheeks while protecting against too-deep placement.

Providing a very gentle introduction to
the sensation of anal penetration, the Perfect very gradually widens the anal canal with its softly pointed, ultra slim tip that’s even smaller than the tip of a pinky. Straight and precisely firm yet comfortably supple, the Perfect
swells out slightly toward the
midpoint, tapering into a stimulating little bead, before tapering into a long, slim neck that helps
hold the plug in place once fully inserted.

the plushy, temperature
sensitive silicone material takes on your body heat, you’d be truly
hard pressed to tell the difference between the plug and human skin,
it’ll warm naturally with use, but to start things off hot or cool,
simply soak
your plug in warm or chilled water before use and revel in the
long-lasting temperate effect. Tantus’ premium blend of 100% silicone is
incomparably safe and
hygienic- you’ll be able to boil or bleach your plug for complete
sterilization, you can even run it through the dishwasher (top rack, no
soap). Since it’s
nonporous, odor and taste free and fully hypoallergenic, the Warm Up
all Tantus silicone toys) are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. As
with any silicone toy, use a great quality water based lube- avoid
silicone formulas and store away from other toys.

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