PinkCherry Antibacterial Foaming Cleanser



Quickly, simply and reliably cleansing toys, tools and pleasure
objects of all sorts, PinkCherry’s Foaming Cleanser presents a
conveniently portable solution to the worry-free maintenance of favorite

Employing a skin-safe blend of antibacterial
ingredients, Foaming Cleanser is free of potentially irritating
alcohol, glycerine, parabens and petrochemicals. To use, pump desired amount of Cleanser onto a clean dry cloth and thoroughly wipe the entire toy surface
(remove batteries beforehand, if applicable). Rinse with a little warm
water afterward, allowing to dry before use or storage.

PinkCherry Foaming Cleanser is safe to use with most toy materials, including
latex, rubber, silicone, plastic, glass and elastomer. See manufacturers
instructions for care of cyber and Realistics materials.

  • Glycerine free
  • Paraben free
  • Petrochemical free
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-greasy

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