PinkCherry Cooling Arousal Balm in .45oz/12.75g



A silky smooth, naturally based, excitingly tingly treat that quickly increases sensitivity and
enhances desire for both playmates, our signature Cherry Balm is the absolute perfect accompaniment to sex, foreplay and self-love.

Just a dab on the
clitoris, nipples or head of the penis will naturally increase blood flow to the area,
awakening nerve endings and making the body part in question much more sensitive to touch, breath, and overall sensation. A
blend of natural ingredients makes Cherry Balm an ideal choice for
delicate, easily irritated skin- skincare purists will love the fact that each ingredient is recognizable and naturally sourced. Included in this stimulating mix is
soybean, cocoa, apricot hemp seed, jojoba, avocado and peppermint oils as
well as shea butter. The discreet, portable little tin contains .45oz/12.75g*

*This product should not be used in combination with latex condoms.

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