PinkCherry Silicone Anal Trainer Plug



Maybe you’ve heard that smaller is better when you’re just beginning to dabble in anal penetration? It’s true! You may have also heard that a great plug can be key to enjoying some butt play bliss. That’s true, too. Luckily, the¬†PinkCherry Silicone Anal Trainer Plug is both small AND great, so if you’re a backdoor newcomer, this one’s for you.

In silky black silicone, Small’s classic tapered shape slides smoothly and comfortably into place with some help from another anal play staple – lots and lots of lube. Like all good butt-intended toys, the Small features a widespread base that helps prevent any too-deep slips. Speaking of the base, it’s also a suction cup, so if you’re a fan of hands-free play, you’re going to adore this plug! Press the base firmly to a clean, nonporous flat surface to secure.

In seamless, hypoallergenic silicone, the PinkCherry Silicone Anal Trainer Plug is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Extremely easy to clean, the Small will be squeaky clean after a thorough wash in warm soapy water. This plug is compatible with any favorite water based lubricant type Рuse lots for maximum slipperiness. 

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