Pumped Ultra-Premium 9 Inch PSI Pump



Tech-y toys are amazing. We love them! Digital sexiness is all the rage, and that trend is only going to grow. But speaking of growth, when it comes to perfectly controlled penis pumping, sometimes there’s nothing quite like the good old precision reliability of analogue. For example, the pump of the hour,  Pumped Ultra-Premium PSI Pump from Shots.

Helping enhance erection, improve endurance and feeling amazing all at once, this professional grade pump features an easy grip trigger handle, lots of voyeur friendly transparency, an easy to read pressure gauge AND a simple silicone cock ring to help maintain the results of all your hard work.

Sleek and stable, a nice long chamber features metric and imperial measurements and a smooth beveled entrance. Strategically crystal clear, it’s naturally magnifying – a pre-pumping ego boost can’t possibly hurt, right? 

Assemble the pump by attaching the silicone tubing to the cylinder using a simple locking connector, then attach the handle and gauge to the opposite end. Start up suction by pulling the trigger handle. You’ll be able to keep an eye on inner pressure thanks to the gauge as you watch yourself or a partner grow – make a note of optimal pressure for next time, if you’d like.

In body safe ABS with silicone details (connector hose), the Ultra Premium cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water or silicone based lubricant – just please keep any silicone lubes away from the hose.

* The Pumped Ultra-Premium PSI Pump is approximately 10″ (25cm) in length with 9″ (22.5cm) penetrable. It’s about 1.75″ (4.4cm) in diameter

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