Ravishing Angel Kiss Vibe



Lending its sleekly contoured, ultra precise dual-stimulating shape to
seekers of the most supreme pleasure possible, Nasstoys’ g-spot loving
Angel Kiss is completely packed with incredible functions that only up the orgasmic ante of
silky, blissfully plush silicone and a full-coverage size
guaranteed to satisfy.

Perfectly angled at its non-detailed,
intensely smooth tip, the Angel Kiss naturally nestles against
inner erogenous zones when inserted, easily targeting and massaging the
nerve-ending rich g-spot and otherwise as it twists in tight, sweeping, speed-customizable
circles. Adding to the dreamy
ministrations of the six speed shaft, a creatively shaped, tickle-tipped bulb stimulator curls up from
the base, surrounding
the clitoris in velvety smoothness transmitting ten incredible modes
of vibration. Though nice and sturdy once positioned, the clitoral tickler
flexes easily, allowing for perfect placement. Simple function buttons as well as a power switch on the vibe’s
comprehensive interface cycles smoothly through
the pleasure possibilities, which included reverse rotation.

In terms
of material, this vibe is made of an ultra
silky matte silicone that’s incomparably safe and hygienic-
since it’s nonporous, odor/taste
free and fully hypoallergenic, the Ravishing Angel Kiss is perfect for
seekers with
even the most sensitive skin. Extremely easy to clean, this vibe can be
fully sterilized with a dip in boiling
water or a wipe-down with a 10%  bleach solution, though warm soapy
water or a good toy cleaner will do the trick as well. Silicone
is renown for it’s temperature receptive
properties, the Kiss will warm very quickly to match body
and can be
heated or cooled more dramatically prior to use, if desired. As with any
silicone toy, use a great quality water based lube-
avoid silicone formulas and store away from other soft toy materials
whenever possible. Requires 4 AAA batteries (sold separately). Fully waterproof.

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