RealRock 7 Inch Penis Extender



Featuring a super-lifelike shape and a plushy soft, temperature sensitive surface that feels incredibly real, Shots RealRock 7″ Penis Extender adds extra length and thickness to a cock (or dildo) of choice, plus, it can help prevent a too-fast finish. We’re pretty sure no one will be upset about that!

Slipping easily over the shaft, the sleeve stretches easily to cover the majority of your/their shaft, depending on individual size, of course. Very full in terms of coverage, the RealRock 7″ protects the sensitive penis tip from over-stimulation. 

Pliably stretchy and extremely comfortable, just add a little lube to a penis or toy of choice before sliding fully over the tip and shaft. 

The RealRock 7″ Penis Extender comes to you in body safe TPE elastomer that’s extra easy to clean. Some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam pre and post play will do the trick nicely. Compatible with any favorite water-based lube.

* The RealRock 7″ Penis Extender is approximately 6.8″/17.3cm in total length. It’s about 5″/12.7cm penetrable and adds approximately 2″ (5cm) of length.

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