Ripple Petite Weighted Silicone Attachment



If you own the le Wand Petite, you love the le Wand Petite, let’s be real. What’s not to love?! However, if you happen to be craving even more sensation and a lot more potential for g-spotting or prostate seeking, the Ripple Petite Weighted Silicone Attachment is here for you.

Inside the box, you’ll find a silky smooth attachment that slips easily over the default silicone head of your le Wand Petite or similarly sized massager. Ultra ripply, stupendously curvy and oh-so-perfectly swollen at the tip, it’s also subtly weighty (3.2oz/90g) for tons of sexy steadiness and ultra firm inner massage potential. 

In supple high end silicone, your Ripple Petite Weighted Silicone Attachment is body safe and hypoallergenic as always. Clean up is easy with a favorite toy care fluid/foam or good ol’ warm soapy water. Please use only a good quality water-based lube with the Ripple Petite (and any silicone toy), and try to avoid contact with other silicone toys, lubes and products. Wand sold separately.

* Fits the le Wand Petite Massager and wands with a head diameter of approximately 1.5″ (3.8cm)

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