Rockeye Probe



A creatively shaped, awe-inspiring probe with all the length,
texturing and thickness you could wish for, the unique Rockeye is at the extreme end of an already impressive line of extra hardy,
larger-than-average toys from the American Bombshell collection. Truly magnificent in every way, this ultra tapered, extremely ribbed tool in subtly metallic
gunmetal PVC is definitely one for the books, particularly if you’re
after a big, big stretch and an extra full experience.

Along with
the Rockeye’s size, which absolutely won’t disappoint once inside,
the sleek, dramatically tapered tip makes insertion smooth and quick,
offering up a point of
entry that slowly and gradually widens to the largest point at the base of the bumpy triangular shape. Boasting a thick, noticeable pattern of raised, ultra stimulating ribs all the way down, the Rockeye is set to
thrill inner erogenous zones, wherever they may be.

Made from Doc Johnson’s signature safe, phthalate free
PVC, the Rockeye is quite flexible in hand, easily maneuvering in and
around the body’s contours, but once in place, it’s wonderfully sturdy
for precision stimulation. Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants.

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