Saddle Leather Paddle with Metal Ball Handle



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To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

A super-sexy, ultra sturdy number in high end leather, the Pain Saddle Leather Paddle is definitely up for anything spank-happy playmates can throw (or slap) at it. 

Delivering full coverage contact, the Paddle’s classic squared-off shape spreads paddle-to-skin impact over targeted body areas perfectly. Thicker than average and quite weighty thanks to the metal handle, it’s best suited to more experienced paddlers. Oh, and speaking of that handle, it has the potential for some sexy doings, too! Whatever your play style, the Saddle Leather Paddle definitely doesn’t deal in disappointment.

In real leather, the Saddle Leather Paddle with Metal Ball Handle should be spot cleaned as needed using a good quality leather care product.

* The Paddle is about 14.5″/36.6cm long and just over 2″/5.08cm  at widest

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