Saddle Leather Suspension Hands & Feet Cuffs



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You may have heard the term ‘suspension of disbelief’ before, especially if you’re the type of person who says things like ‘but that is scientifically impossible’ or ‘that guy would not be walking away from that explosion’ when watching movies. Guilty! Basically, it just means that when you’re watching something that is not real life, you sometimes have to overlook some logic. You won’t have to suspend disbelief when you’re playing with the Saddle Leather Suspension Hands & Feet Cuffs from Shots’ Pain collection, but you might be suspended, yourself!

Whether you’ve rigged up a door sling or are working with a simple ceiling hook, these unique cuffs will definitely do the trick. In heavily padded leather, each stand-alone cuff strap features a simple design that loops over itself. Once hung or connected to your chosen set-up, simple gravity will keep the cuffs closed around your or your partner’s wrists or ankles. The extra large D-ring up top secures your Cuffs to most compatible gear.  

With any suspension scenario, please play safe! Always ensure that your set-up can accommodate the weight you intend to support. 

In genuine leather, the Saddle Leather Suspension Hands & Feet Cuffs should be spot-cleaned as needed using a good leather care product. 

* Each strap measures about 71″/180.3cm in length and 4.5″/11.4cm in diameter. Adjusts to fit any size

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