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It’s a well known fact that the anal area features one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings and pleasure receptors anywhere in the body. Yeah, science is sexy, sometimes! Here’s another fact: lots and lots of people like to put things (appropriate things, of course) into their butts, or have a partner do the honors.

Turning both its attention¬†and¬†a silky, strategically swollen shape to your or your partner’s prostate and/or all sorts of inner anal sweet spots along the way, Satisfyer’s genius Backdoor Lover Plug Vibe takes full advantage of one more fun (and very true fact): we all have butts!

Whether you have a prostate gland or a G-spot, it’s accessible through the anal canal. The prostate gland or P-spot is located a few inches inside the anal canal and is (usually) easily reached by a finger or toy. In women the G-spot hangs out on the top wall of the vagina, and can be directly stimulated by vaginal penetration, or indirectly stimulated via anal penetration. Magical!

Regardless of your particular body make-up, the Backdoor Lover is ready to seek, find and deeply please inner sweet spots with twelve powerful vibration rhythms, a super-silky brushed silicone surface and a nice wide base for worry-free play. Use it solo or with a partner, in butt or vagina, at home or away.

Once your Lover is in position, activate the first of twelve breathtaking modes of deep, rumbly vibration using a single button on the base. Hold it down to unlock the motor, then press repeatedly to cycle through the orgasmic options. Fully USB rechargeable, the Lover powers up using the included cord and any free USB port

In high quality body safe silicone (we’d expect nothing less!), the Backdoor Lover is body safe, hypoallergenic, and a breeze to clean and maintain. Before and after playtime, scrub it gently with lots of warm soapy water, or use a favorite toy care fluid/foam. This vibe is ready to rock with any great quality water based lube you love, but please keep it away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys. The Backdoor Lover is IPX7 waterproof.

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