Scandal Corset with Cuffs



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An absolutely beautiful, entrancingly sexy piece from the always-gorgeous Scandal collection of bdsm inspired playthings, the Corset with Cuffs essentially offers two pieces in one, a waist-sculpting lace-up corset and a set of comfortably padded, completely adjustable cuffs. Each patterned in signature brocade fabric and featuring thoughtfully high end detailing made to play hard, the Corset and Cuffs alike can be enjoyed alone- though they vibe spectacularly well as a pair.

Perfectly positioned at either side of the hourglass corset, a ring waits to be attached to a hardy connector sewn to each cuff. When the wrists are encircled with soft yet unyielding security and clipped to the corset, the wearer’s arms are kept obediently in place at their side- immobile against a dominant partner’s advances. When used alone, the versatile Cuffs can also be attached to each other, positioning arms above, in front of, or behind the body.

Featuring classic vintage styling, the Corset laces in a criss-cross pattern down the front while cinching securely in back with hook and eye closures. Fitting up to a 36 inch (91.5cm) waist at default, a stretcher panel is included, allowing for a further 20 inches (50.75cm).

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