Scandal Pony Play Butt Plug & Bit Gag Kit



Tame a wild playmate in gorgeous signature Scandal style- the luxury styling of this bit gag and pony tail plug set contrasts oh-so-sexily with definitely devious intentions.

Saddle them up with a unique bridle-meets-restraint, the classic bit or bar gag gets both a pretty makeover and a commanding edge with patterned double stitched designer ties and attached reigns. The gag will keep oral disobedience under wraps while controlling the wearer’s head movement- the reigns of course add yet another element of movement control.

As for the tail, it’s lush, silky and affixed to the end of a classic silicone butt plug sized nice and petite. Once inserted, the extra long tail will swish and swing with movement. Give it a little tug every now and then to remind ’em who’s boss.

The plug cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, try to keep the tail as dry as possible during cleaning (and playtime, for that matter). It’s compatible with any favorite water based lube- don’t be tempted to use a silicone lube, it can break down the material. The phthalate free PVC bit gag should be cleaned before and after using warm soapy water.

* Measurements below represent┬áthe plug portion of the pony tail plug only. Including the tail, it’s 24″/61cm in total length (including the tail)

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