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As much as we love our favorite vibrators (a LOT!), there are times when our tried and true stimulation go-tos just can’t fulfil all our pleasure wants and needs. Like, for example, when we want to hit more than one sweet spot at once. Let’s face it – not all vibes are equipped to do that. When it comes to those two-birds-with-one-vibe scenarios, CalExotics’ Slay #FlexMe Massager has you – and your many pleasure places – fully covered.

When you first unbox your #FlexMe, you’ll see that it’s gorgeously curvy, and will be able to pinpoint clitorises, nipples, g-spots, penises and beyond, no problem. A broader, sexily swollen side and the sleeker, textured tip will both work orgasm magic independently. 

If you’d like to feel those two ends working together in perfect harmony, simply keep the flexible shape bent into its default curve. You’ll be able to bend your #FlexMe more dramatically into a shape that works for you, or your and your partner. Flex it into a wearable simultaneous inner and outer stimulator, straighten it into a dramatically angled g-spot vibe, or design yourself a full-coverage clitoris-loving treat. Either way, you’ll adore the powerful rumble of ten synchronized vibration modes.

Rechargeable via USB, the Slay #FlexMe Massager powers up using a handy charge cable.

In high end, hypoallergenic silicone, #FlexMe is body safe, virtually maintenance free and extremely easy to clean. Before and after playtime, wash your vibe well with warm soapy water, or use a favorite toy care fluid/foam. This vibe is compatible with any great quality water based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. Waterproof. 

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