Small Armour Tug Lock Prostate Stimulator



Combining comfortable support and intense enhancement potential with tons of anal pleasure, the Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock boasts all the fantastic firming effects of a favorite cock ring plus a sleek bulb penetrator. 

Featuring a built-in scrotum strap that constrains the testicles while adding a natural lift effect, the Tug amplifies the visual effect of the entire cock in and out of clothing. Naturally cupping the body’s contours, the Armour fits snugly around the base of the penis and loops securely over the testicles, helping to maintain a firmer erection, supporting the whole package, and gently pulling the shaft and balls away from the body. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the Armour Tug can improve erection strength, longevity and stamina not to mention orgasm intensity. 

As for the smooth bulb, it’s affixed to the base via a flexible 3.25″ (8.3cm) strap. Looping behind for easy penetration, the plug stimulates with movement. Soft enough for longer term wear, the ring’s supple shape also triggers pleasure when walking or sitting, as the soft up-curled tongue base cups the perineum and tickles external sweet spots

Perfect Fit’s PF Blend is comprised of a proprietary mash-up of body safe silicone and stretchy, supple TPR, extra durable and incredibly comfortable. Always choose a great quality water base lube to enjoy with the Armour Push, avoid silicone formulas. Not compatible with latex condoms and gear. 

*The Tug Lock stretches from approximately 1.75″ (4.5cm) of diameter. Bulb measures 2.1″ (5.3cm)

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