Smooth Remote Vibrating Vac-U-Lock Pleasure Set



Let’s run the Smooth Remote Vibrating Vac-U-Lock Pleasure Set  through our (unofficial!) perfect harness checklist, shall we? User friendly? Definitely. Compatible with lots of possible attachments? 100%. Easy to adjust? Of course. Vibration? Heck yes!

The Vac-U-Lock line has always made strap-on play a snap, but now, hands-free penetration, pegging, role reversal and much more is getting a super-sexy new spin (buzz, actually) with a vibrating core plug. Aside from adding even more couple-friendly appeal by helping stimulate its wearer, the vibrating plug sets any Vac-U-Lock dildo, probe or other attachments to throbbing away in seven remote-controlled rhythms. Genius.

Here’s how it works. Plugging securely into the base of the silicone Smooth dildo, plus any other compatible dido, butt plug, probe or accessory (there are tons), the included Vibrating Vac-U-Lock Plug features seven modes of wireless stimulation. Vibration will transfer to the attachment of choice AND buzz and throb through to the wearer. If you already have a Vac-U-Lock harness system, just switch it out with your standard Vac-U-Lock plug and play away!

One of Doc Johnson’s fantastic Supreme Harnesses comes standard in the Pleasure Set. It’s ultra soft, extra user friendly and super-secure, fitting just about any body type. The plushy neoprene yoke holds tight to any Vac-U-Lock dildo or probe (sold separately) using one of three included O-rings, and an equally comfy back-band helps keep everything in perfect position. The core Vac-U-Lock Vibrating Plug slips into a special pocket around front and snaps securely into place. Once your penetrator of choice is pressed over the Plug, snap one of those O-rings around the base for even more security.

Speaking of penetrators, the included black silicone Smooth dildo is an amazing one! A silky length waits to stretch and stimulate a mate once positioned in the harness. Remember, any compatible Vac-U-Lock attachment can be used, too.

Vibration can be cued up using a button at the base of the Plug itself, or controlled using an included remote. A lock function prevents your Plug from activating accidentally, something we can all appreciate! Rechargeable via USB, the Vibrating Vac-U-Lock Plug will be ready when you are. Remote requires 1 CR2032 3V battery, which is included. You’ll need to remove a protective plastic film from the battery compartment to activate.

Clean the body safe, premium silicone Smooth dildo using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water based lube, but please don’t use a silicone based formula, and avoid contact with other silicone toys/products.

* Harness fits up to a 69″ (175.26cm) waist. O-rings come in sizes 2″ (5.08cm), 1.6″ (4.06cm) and 1.25″ (3.2cm)

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