SONO No. 27 Prostate Massager



Taking full advantage of an extraordinarily high concentration of nerve endings in
the anal
area and prostate, Shots SONO No. 27 was designed specifically for effortless
stimulation of the male g-spot.

Simple and no-nonsense in shape, the No. 27 naturally
rests against the orgasm-inducing prostate gland when inserted fully. Control massage by contracting the pelvic floor and anal muscles, or gently manipulate it by hand. A smooth rounded arm reaches up from the base to target the
ultra sensitive perineum while a long curled handle allows for precision
control and worry-free wear.

In 100% skin safe silicone (shaft) combined with firm ABS plastic (handle), the No. 27 is hypoallergenic, completely
nonporous and virtually indestructible. Clean using warm soapy water or a
good toy care formulation- this piece can also be sanitized in boiling
water or wiped down with a bleach solution. Compatible with water based
lubes only, avoid contact with silicone lubes, toys and products.

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