SONO No.95 Prostate Stimulator Set



Prostate or P-spot massage can be, according to many prostate owners, the ultimate act of over-the-top pleasure. The prostate is thought to be the brain center of sexual response, and stimulation of this nerve-ending rich area on the upper anal wall can bring on ultra intense, earth-shattering orgasm. Sound good? Of course it does! The SONO No.95 Prostate Stimulator Set contains three curvy p-spot massagers designed to inspire lots of those so-called super O’s.

Now, as any anal aficionado will tell you, there are some key steps to enjoying an amazing butt-play experience. Lots (and lots) of good lube, patience and relaxation are high on the list, as is this one: a great tool for the job. Shots No.95 Prostate Stimulator Set contains not just one great tool, but a trio of variously sized massagers in body safe, super silky silicone. 

Although each curvy Stimulator is identical in shape, they are definitely different in terms of size. If you’re just starting out with prostate play, or anal penetration, for that matter, go with the small and, if you’re into the sensation, work your way up when you’re comfortable. More experienced players can skip ahead to the Medium or Large for a much more filling experience.

Whichever massager you go with, you’ll find control, adjustment and removal easy and comfortable thanks to a large ringed handle. You’ll also very much appreciate the silky bead-tipped perineum stimulator curving up from the opposite side!

In body safe, hypoallergenic silicone, each Massager in the SONO No.95 set is extra hygienic and super low-maintenance. Clean your Stimulators well before and after use with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, pop it in the dishwasher or wipe down with a mild bleach solution. Compatible with any favorite water based lubricant. 

* Specifications list the measurements for the smallest Stimulator. The Large size is 6″/15.2 total with 3.5″/8.9cm penetrable and 1.5″/3.8cm of widest diameter, while the Medium is 5.25″/13.3cm  in total length, 3″/7.6cm penetrable and 1.25″/3.2cm at widest

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