Stick a Dick ‘Pin the Tail on the Male’ Hunk Edition



A hilarious game of pin-the-tail from Creative Conceptions, the Stick A Dick Game adopts the once innocent concept with a much naughtier approach, swapping the donkey for a dude and the tail with an animated dick.

The Hunk Edition boasts a giant, glossy poster of a chiseled babe with a bulls eye for a crotch along with 12 hunky, reusable willy stickers for placing on the target. As each player takes their turn, they must wear the included willy eye mask and spin 3 times before attempting to get the closest to the center of the target without being able to see. 

It’s up to you whether or not you want to keep the Hunk’s face in tact, or cut around the dotted line to make room for a friend’s face. The winner receives a special prize sticker for the rest of the night: a smiling pecker donning a “I Know Where to Stick It” award ribbon. Grab some pals and let the hilarity ensue! 

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