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So, here’s the thing about multi-purpose sex toys. We love them, but sometimes, when it comes to gadgets and gizmos that claim to do it all, the point gets lost in all the (usually hypothetical) bells and whistles. Shots Switch Pleasure Kit #01, however, is most definitely an exception. A very, very pleasurable and super-versatile exception, at that! This interchangeable vibe kit really does do it all.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Kit #01. First up is a curvy vibrating silicone base with tons of soft ticklers on one side and a swirly spiral texture on the other. Silicone buttons man ten incredible vibration functions that complement two included attachments; a sexy silicone bunny with a g-spot or prostate targeting curve, and a widespread winged stimulator, all in bright pink. A super-soft feather tickler and a matching silky blindfold are included for good measure – we’re pretty sure you won’t have any trouble figuring out how to enjoy those!

As for all the sexy things you’ll be able to do with your Switch set, let’s count ’em down! We mentioned the curvy base already, but what we didn’t mention is the fact that, when your choice of top is attached, the base functions as a fully independent vibrator. Let’s set the scene. You’re in the mood for some inner and outer pleasure, so you twist on the rabbit top. As the bunny vibes and pulses away, you decide that what you’re actually in the mood for is some dedicated clitoral (or nipple, or otherwise) stimulation. Easy! Just flip the bunny around and use the base to guide a choice of two textures to outer sweet spots. 

There’s an independent motor the in base and whichever top is in play, each offering ten vibration functions apiece, so you’ll absolutely find the right rhythm to suit the mood. Separate buttons easily activate and vary the vibrations of each pleasure point.

But that’s not all! A second attachment offers up it’s ultra silky, full coverage shape to pleasure purposes body-wide. Twist it on for a change of sexy scenery any time, and enjoy ten vibe modes throbbing throughout.

Powering up at any free USB port using the included magnetic cable, the curvy core base of the #01 needs to be hooked up for approximately 120 minutes to charge fully. A complete charge will give you about an hour of continuous vibration to play with.

In body safe ABS plastic and silky hypoallergenic silicone, each piece of the Switch Pleasure Kit #01 (minus the blindfold and tickler) are easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. These toys are fully compatible with any favorite water based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes other silicone products. Waterproof.

* Measurements provided represent the total assembled size of the #01 with the rabbit top in place. The winged clitoral top is approximately 4.9″/12.5cm in un-assembled length and is about 2.4″/6cm wide

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