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When the topic of dual stimulation arises (as it often does around here), the almighty rabbit vibe usually gets first mention. Let’s be real – that perfect combo of penetration and targeted clitoral / outer stimulation is hard, if not impossible, to beat. Now, we would never try to pit one fantastic vibe against another, but for the first time ever a new, and seemingly unlikely animal is edging in on the rabbit’s long-time reign – The Snail!

A recent winner of XBIZ Europa’s Innovative Sex Toy of the Year, you could say that this totally unique and incredibly versatile vibe from Freedom Novelties has already made it’s mark. You could also say (and we do say) that it’s only just begun to rock the sex toy world – and bedrooms far and wide. 

At first glance, you might not know quite what to make of The Snail’s shape, but once you know, you won’t be able to resist trying it out. Trust us. Unzip the included zippered storage case to free your Snail. You’ll see a straight, slightly flattened stem tipped by a big ball. Another ball spirals up dramatically from the opposite side. Gently push that ball down or pull it upward to experience the dramatic flexibility. Take note! That flexibility is important.

To use your Snail, grab hold of the inflexible ball at the base. This is the handle, and it houses The Snail’s vibration controls. Two sets of controls power two distinct points of contact, one at the top point of The Snail, and one in that sexy-flexi ball stimulator. Each motor offers up five possible modes of vibration, and there are five speeds of each. Those are some very pleasurable permutations!

There are countless ways you or you and your partner could enjoy The Snail, and we’ll mention a few of them. First, though, you should know that this vibe was specially created to deliver the most amazing blended orgasms you could ask for. Once that big silky ball has been unfurled down along the length of the super-firm shaft, your / their point of penetration is revealed. Using lots of lube, slip it inside, letting the ball naturally move as you find your perfect depth. Thanks to that unique mobility, The Snail’s clitoral / outer stimulator will never break contact with your body – something that, quite honestly, can’t be said about most rabbit vibes. Plus, the shaft is extra firm and unyielding, a feature that comes in very handy during g-spot and inner massage.

Aside from its blended orgasm potential, The Snail can be enjoyed as a clitoral and outer stimulator, an anal vibe and prostate stimulator, and a general spreader of orgasmic joy. However you choose to play, you’ll have full control of each motor and over 600 possible vibration combinations at all times. You’ll also be happy to hear (or not hear) that The Snail is extra quiet, at less that 45 decibels.

Conveniently USB rechargeable, The Snail powers up using an included charge cord and any free USB port or compatible adapter.

In high end, fully hypoallergenic silicone, The Snail is reliably body safe, low maintenance, and extra easy to clean and maintain. Before and after enjoying your Snail, scrub it gently using lots of warm water and a mild soap, or use a good sex toy care fluid/foam. The Snail is fully compatible with any favorite water based lube, but please keep it away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. The included storage case will help keep it clean and safe during storage. Fully waterproof.

* Measurements represent the shaft (penetrable) portion of The Snail. The mobile outer stimulator is approximately 2″/5.08cm in diameter.

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