The Spur RingO Rangler



Inspired by the old west (everyone loves a cowboy!), the
Ranglers collection from Screaming O showcases three whimsically
stylized, extremely effective erection rings in an extra comfortable,
ultra safe soft silicone. The Spur version of the Rangler RingO
is, like the rest of the line, nice and thick, easily surrounding
desired areas of the penis. Once in place, the snug, excitingly
constrictive fit provides support, stamina and an impressive erection as
the tight hold prevents blood from leaving the penis.

to fit snugly around the base of the penis, though advanced users may
want to include the testicles, too, the Spur features an
excitingly stimulating pattern of curvy waves on the body-side that
enhance the pleasurable feel while helping to keep the ring in place-
on that note, the Rangler can also help prevent condoms from slipping
during sex. As a stimulating bonus for the playmate on the receiving
end, the plush, ultra smooth exterior massages and stimulates when in contact with the
clitoris or perineum.

Made from a hygienic, body safe SEBS
silicone material, the Ranglers are extremely easy to clean and
maintain- they offer a wonderful choice for pleasure seekers with
sensitive skin, as silicone won’t irritate delicate body tissues, and
tends to be hypoallergenic. Use a great water based lubricant in
combination with your Rangler, silicone formulas should  be avoided.

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