Tinglers Vibrating Plug I



Created from pure velvety silicone specifically to thrill seekers
of anal stimulation, the dreamily function-packed Tinglers I vibe packs
an impressively intense 10 mode motor into its petite, curvy,
self-contained body. Truly perfect for backdoor pleasure pursuits, each
Tingler inception was specially designed for incomparable sensation.

Uniquely yet very manageable shaped, the I’s extra tapered, softly pointed head slowly widens into a series of gradually increasing beads that gently but inexorably
stretch the anal opening before widening into a thick, curvy ending. The short, yet substantially thinner neck at the
bottom is suited to longer-term wear if desired, plus, the natural
‘rocker’ curve at the
wide, safe base makes II comfortable to hold in hand,
and easy to maneuver.

Powered by a sleek little remote, the
Tinglers showcases a wonderfully varied range of vibration options-
three modes of steady vibration give way to 7 of pulsation  and
escalation that undulate thrillingly up and down the body of the II. Two
simple push buttons control all that pleasure, one turns the motor on
and off in a flash, while the other cycles through the vibe options.

hypoallergenic silicone material making up the Tinglers is absolutely
hygienic, and can be fully sterilized,  must-have in an anal
toy, especially if shared between partners. Wipe the plug down with a
bleach solution, or dip the insertable portion in boiling water for a
minute or two for an extra deep clean, though soap and water or a good
toy cleaner works well for everyday clean-up. Silicone is also
wonderfully temperature sensitive, it’ll warm quickly and noticeable to
match with body heat as you play- cool it down in some cold water
beforehand if desired. In terms of maintenance, there’s not much needed,
keep your Tinglers clean and sanitary, and always choose a good quality

water based lube. Silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact
with other silicone toys and products.Takes 2 AAA
batteries (sold separately). Not recommended for use in water.

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