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The French Kiss vibe from the Triple Orgasm collection is packed with so many amazingly pleasurable features, it’s hard to know where to start. You’ll notice the unique styling right away, this vibe looks great, but that’s nothing compared to how it’ll feel. A big plush head tops the shaft of the Kiss, it’s split down the middle on one side, revealing a line of soft nubs that run through the middle, and down past the triple row of silver rotating beads embedded in a soft curve just underneath. On either side of the shaft, which is longer than average for deep penetration, there are 2 stimulators, one for the clit and one for anal pleasure; both are nice and flexible so they can be positioned where they’ll please you most. The clitoral side is shaped into a soft cup that fully surrounds your key sweet spot, the middle of the cup is filled with long, soft fingers that tickle and tease as the independant motor placed underneath sends turbo charged stimulation at 8 speeds and 3 functions straight to you. There’s another motor keeping things even in the head, it also controls the beads in the shaft, which rotate at 8 different levels of intensity along with the head. Yet another motor sits in the center of the anal stimulator, which is long and thin, topped with a smooth, tapered bulb in a teardrop shape. All three motors are synchronized, so if you choose to have all 3 going at once, they’ll vibe in perfect harmony; the shaft and anal vibration is controlled on one side of the simple interface at the base, while the clit stimulator has independent push buttons on the opposite side. Along with the 8 speeds for each motor, there are also 3 patterns of vibration that mix up pulsation and escalation, providing totally unique sensations, combined with all the speeds, the permutations of pleasure are many (500+ to be exact). The French Kiss is made from completely body safe, phthalate free TPR material, letting you play worry free in or out of water, as it’s completely waterproof. Use a good water based lube if needed. Takes 3 AA batteries (sold separately).

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