Two O Double Pleasure Vibrating Ring



Double the pleasure for both of you waits in the Two O. This vibrating cock ring is just like the top selling, award winning O Ring, but it now comes with an extra vibe for his pleasure as well as yours. 

The textured vibe covers are specifically designed to deliver precise stimulation where it counts, and essentially turns him into a living vibrator. The way the vibes are placed transfers sensation all the way down the penis, while the soft jelly ring helps with stamina. 

This little treat can go almost anywhere your adventures take you as it’s tiny, discreet and quiet, plus, body friendly silicone based rubber material gives you lots of pleasure with no worries. Over 40 minutes of vibration comes in your Two O, dispose of after use.

* The Two O Double Pleasure Vibrating Ring stretches from approximately 1″ (2.5cm) in diameter.

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