Ultra-Soft Kegel Balls with Wristband Remote



Have you been looking for yet another reason to adore the amazing sexual wellness potential and deeply pleasurable effects of a great pair of kegel balls? If so, here it is! Ultra-Soft Kegel Balls steps up the sexy with a sleek, curvy and squeezably plush shape, manageable weightiness and a long range wrist remote.

Aside from the very enjoyable stimulation benefits of pelvic floor strengthening, regular practice with kegel weights can help to stimulate muscle response and improve toning. After childbirth, with age and due to a handful of other life-related factors, the pelvic floor can weaken, causing incontinence issues, lowered sensitivity and possibly even less intense orgasms. Any good kegel exerciser can help reverse any of these, but the Ultra Soft Kegel system doubles down (literally) with 12 incredible vibration modes and a very manageable weight (1.94oz/55g).

You or your partner will be able to activate and control vibration using a single button on the tail of the balls, or better yet, use the included remote! Speaking of remotes, this is one of┬áthe most discreet we’ve ever seen, especially since everyone and their mom has a fitbit these days! A sturdy black silicone wristband features two simple buttons, one to power up the vibe and the other to switch between 12 possible vibe modes. You’ll be able to exert control from up to 32.75/10m away.

Both remote and vibe are USB rechargeable, a double cord is included. A complete charge of 50 minutes will power the Ultra-Soft Kegel Balls for up to 90 minutes.

In silky smooth body safe silicone, the Ultra-Soft Kegel Balls cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any good water based lube, please avoid contact with silicone lubes and products. Waterproof.

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