Vanity Vr1 Vibrating Duo Balls



A gorgeous, ultra pleasurable tool that’ll have your pelvic floor more toned, pleasure-receptive and feeling its very best, the Vr1 Duo Balls provide a great-feeling object (two, actually) for your pelvic muscles to grip during a kegel work out. As a bonus, the very act of flexing your pelvic floor feels pretty darn good in general. 

While the Vr1 was definitely created with lots of pleasure in mind, they’re also extremely functional and easy to use, no matter what your experience level. Featuring very unique ‘squeeze-me’ technology, the VR1 reacts to pressure with vibration. In other words when you flex and squeeze, it vibrates. The tighter you squeeze, the more intense the vibration. With a little practice, you’ll be able to control the intensity perfectly by tightening and releasing your grip.

If you’re through with your workout and you just want to relax with some outstanding vibration, you can manually control the Vr1’s vibration by pressing the pressure sensitive area on the bottom ball. 

Fully rechargeable, your Duo Balls will always be ready when you are.

In reliably hygienic, hypoallergenic silicone, the Vanity Vr1 is safe for delicate skin. Clean it well before and after using some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you’re going to be using a lubricant, please go with a great quality water-based formula, not a silicone based lube. Store your Duo Balls away from other silicone and soft toy materials. Waterproof.

* The Vanity Vr1 Vibrating Duo Balls are 6.5″/16.5cm in total, 3.5″/9cm insertable and 1.25″/3.2cm at widest diameter.

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