Vive Tani Pulse-Wave Finger Motion Rabbit Vibe



As we all (hopefully!) know, everyone and every body is different. Some folks love straight-up vibration on their sweet spots, some like pulsing throbs of pleasure, some crave that beloved ‘come hither’ inner massage, and on and on and on. If you or your partner loves any or all of the first three stimulation options we mentioned, you’ll be very happy to know, and we’re very happy to report, that Vive’s Tani does ’em all!  

Designed to deliver maximum contact (and doing an spectacular job), Tani’s classic inside-and-out rabbit shape conforms naturally to the curves of your or your partner’s body as it targets inner sweet spots. Meanwhile, a very special Pulse-Wave clitoral/outer stimulator below throbs and pulses in ten possible rhythms.

If you’re new to Pulse-Wave, welcome! This next-gen pleasure mode uses quick, gently thumping in-out pulses to deeply stimulate – some folks find that it can feel more subtle, yet more direct. If you or your partner sometimes feels ‘numbed out’ by intense vibration, Pulse-Wave could be a VERY enjoyable solution.

Now, Tami’s silky, swollen, slightly curved shaft is mightily pleasurable all on it’s own, but just wait till you see (and feel) the namesake finger motion! Tirelessly targeting your/their g-spot plus other sensitive inner areas, Tami bends and beckons back and forth in ten unique modes. You can enjoy the shaft motion solo, or add in ten more modes of vibration, along with outer Pulse-Wave pleasure. All functions are controlled separately, so customization will be a breeze.

Oh, we also need to talk about Tami’s Climax mode. Any time you or you partner could use a big burst of power from shaft, tickler and pulse wave stimulator, press the dedicated  ‘fx’ button to instantly rev all functions to max intensity. 

Charging up at any free USB port using the included charger, Tami will be ready and waiting whenever you are. 180 minutes of charge time will power your pleasure for about 40 continuous minutes.

Body safe and hypoallergenic, Tami’s silicone surface is perfect for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin. This vibe also happens to be a breeze to clean maintain. Wash it and all attachments well before and after playtime using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Tami is compatible with any favorite water-based lubricant, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys. IPX7 waterproof.

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