Vulcanite Anal Douche with Attachment



A bestselling butt-cleansing system featuring a choice of two nozzles and an extremely user-friendly
design, the Vulcanite Anal Douche delivers comfy, squeaky clean results.

Consisting of a pliable squeeze
bulb and a slender three inch default nozzle tip, the Vulcanite reaches deep inside, rinsing and refreshing with
warm water or a chosen cleansing solution. A second nozzle attachment
can be slipped over the thinner tip if desired- it’s nice and lengthy,
showcasing a straight neck and a removable head for easier clean-up. To
use, fill the bulb before or after affixing the thin tip- slide the
ripply attachment over top if desired.

In skin safe ABS
plastic along with supple rubber, this Colt piece cleans easily
and thoroughly, disassembling completely during clean-up. 

* Measurements provided represent the Douche with larger nozzle attached

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