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Having grown up, sex has been a huge part of my life. I was always taught the tips and sex dolls tricks of the trade — the importance of consent, safety, and communication, and yet I was never taught about the darker aspects of sex, the ones that got people talking. So when my friends started asking me about sex dolls and naked women sex, I was both intrigued and confused.

I had never really heard of sex dolls nor had I ever had a conversation about it. So I did some research to learn more. After reading a few articles on the topic, I was even more surprised by the things I was reading about. People talked about how they felt with a sex doll, how realistic they felt, and the entire experience with them. I was fascinated by what I read but also found it all a bit too strange — I mean, how could something like this ever be a replacement for actual physical intimacy?

When my girlfriend asked me what my thoughts were on it, I had to admit that I hadn’t really formed an opinion yet. But after discussing it further, I came to the conclusion that I found it really off-putting. I think one of the most important aspects of sex is its vulnerable nature — it makes an instant bond between two people because they are both trusting the other with a very intimate part of themselves. To me, there’s something so wrong about completely objectifying sex in this way, like a physical relationship is not enough and a sex doll needs to be in the mix.

Not to mention, it completely takes away all of the pleasure of the other person — if you’re just having sex with a doll, what’s the point really? You won’t have a connection, you won’t have any meaningful conversations and you won’t even get the satisfaction of knowing the other person is enjoying it.

To me, naked woman sex is far more fulfilling. There’s something special when two people choose to be together and share a physical bond. The pleasure is mutual, and it encourages trust and communication between both partners. Not only that, but it makes physical intimacy something to be treasured, and something that can create a powerful connection between two people.

But despite my own opinion on the topic, I also acknowledge that sex dolls can be incredibly helpful for certain people. I’ve read stories of men in long-distance relationships that turn to sex dolls so they can still feel connected to their partners while thousands of miles away.

I’ve also heard stories of disabled people that weren’t able to find partners because of their insecurities and turned to sex dolls so they can still experience physical pleasure. Whatever their reasons are, I felt a sense of respect for them, and the fact that they are taking their health and pleasure into their own hands.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference — if it makes you happy and it’s safe and consensual, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Whether it’s through a sex doll or with another person, ultimately it all comes down to what makes you feel and what brings you pleasure.