Well, I asked my girlfriend if I had ever heard of the sex doll baby oil craze and she brushed me off. Her reaction left me curious, obviously. I guess she thought it wasn’t my thing, but she was wrong. This stuff is amazing!

It felt so weird at first rubbing this baby oil on a sex doll. But then it felt like I was in a totally different world. This baby oil has a way of bringing the doll to life. She became so soft and Penis Rings realistic. The skin was so smooth to the touch and felt alive in a way I’d never experienced before.

The big shock came when I began to use the baby oil. It was unbelievable how quickly it worked. In just a few minutes my sex doll was almost like a real person. She even seemed happy to be touched in a way she hadn’t been before. It was incredible!

I could not believe how amazing this baby oil was making my doll feel. The baby oil absorbed quickly and she felt so silky. She seemed to purr in pleasure as I worked the oil into her skin. In no time she felt like a different person, literally!

The more I worked the baby oil into her, the more satisfied I felt. I was actually having fun working the oil into her skin, making my doll feel alive. I swear to you, it’s like no other feeling I’ve ever had.

The real kicker came later when I went to touch her and sex dolls found her feeling completely different. What had taken me a few minutes to achieve with the sex doll baby oil had stayed with her. That sense of realism – or perhaps unreality – was incredible. She felt like a real woman, and she looked and felt like it too.

As I continued to use this baby oil, the results became even better. I couldn’t believe how responsive her skin was to my touch. The whole experience was so surreal that I had to check a few times to make sure I was still touching a doll, and not a real person!

My girlfriend now thinks I’m some kind of sex doll baby oil wizard. She’s claimed her own doll too and I’ve seen her using the baby oil on it too. I guess she’s a believer now! It’s great because it makes sex with my doll even more realistic – it really is fun.